!!! If you are playing in browser (or don't have a controller), please go to Settings and switch to Keyboard Only mode !!!

You're trying to colonize a planet (as ya do) but someone else had the same idea. No time to debate now, there are hordes of beasties coming in. Join together with an ally of circumstance to fight against waves of enemies, then turn on each other to determine who gets the planet.

This was created for the 2021 GMTK Jam with the theme "Joined Together." We hope you enjoy! If you did, please drop a review for the jam :)

How to Play:

  1. Snag a friend
  2. Select a map
  3. Choose your loadout
  4. Kill the enemies
  5. Pickup health/shields to outclass your friend
  6. Kill each other


Player 1: WASD to move/aim, Z to jump, X to shoot

Player 2: DPad to move/aim, A to jump, X to shoot

Alternative Controls (Keyboard Only):

Player 1: WASD to move/aim, SPACE to jump, SHIFT to shoot

Player2: Arrow keys to move/aim, COMMA/LESS THAN to jump, PERIOD/GREATER THAN to shoot

If you don't have a controller, go to "Settings" and flip to "Keyboard Only" 2 player. If you have one though, a controller is recommended. This may also apply if you are trying to play in browser but it is not detecting the controller correctly (HTML5 is not great with controllers). This can be solved by the keyboard only option or by downloading the game below.


Programming: Anthony Hanson

Art: Anastasia Walton

Art assets used from Kenny's Particle Pack, Buttons Textures, and Button Icons

SFX used from Sci-Fi Sound Library, 60 CC0 Sci-Fi SFX

Music used from JDB's Inspirational Music Pack Volume 2 and Volume 4


EnemyofMyEnemyWindows.zip 106 MB
EnemyofMyEnemyMac.zip 107 MB
EnemyofMyEnemyLinux.zip 107 MB

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